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New York Notary Public License Law Manual

The laws for New York State Notaries are all listed in the Notary Public License Law Manual (NPLL) found online at www.dos.state.ny.us

This file is available for anyone who wishes to become a New York Notary Public from the New York Division of Licensing website listed above.

While this will help you to see what is on the Notary Public Examination for New York State; many students find the Manual very hard and confusing to follow. So please DO NOT get discouraged! We promise you that we make the Notary exam for New York easy! Yes, easy!  We have been doing this for 10 years!

In the "New York Notary Seminar Online" we have taken this hard to understand Manual of New York Notary Laws and made it easy to understand.  Why is it easy to become a Notary?  Because we present the laws in an easy to understand English not legalese!

We do not believe that it should be difficult to become a Notary Public for New York State, so we make every effort to help you to understand the laws and Notary procedures easily. The best part is that we help you to pass the New York Notary Examination the FIRST time with as little stress as possible! 

So take the Online Notary Seminar or the Online Notary Exam Questions to become a Notary today!!


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